#OMDZZ: I thought this Jason Guy Died already.. H2: Halloween 2

I would never have posted this.. but the fact that a human being, that has sustained a severed head, being masacred with a chainsaw and is still walkin, is no human being, why don't the directors just say that his immortal or sumtin, Instead of painting this image that his a human, KMT, he aint no human ! lool, I know its a film but it might be that, they don't wanna disappoint fans by just deading the film series, or is it that this directors just plain stupid, either way der still gettin on ma nerves..

If i watch this film doe, under any circumstances (e.g. wife/bredrins wants to go see it, or nothin to do when its out), Id be a fool boi looool. Heres the trailer, and its out on August 28