#Tanna (From 031 UK Bloods): Sends for Skull Gang (Video)

Whats good people?, just got this in from an annonomous sender (safe for the link!), about Tanna from 031 UK Bloods sendin for the whole of Skull Gang... Watch this video still cah deez guys look like der on it, Santana might end up runnin away loool


Shevy1987 said...

what was the video about? i was like sitting with ma mouth open! im always coming to your page for the updates..keep it coming...your page is the only one that updates me with the Grime and Funky...

anyways Peace out


SDotNorthLdnReppin said...

basically there just threatening skull gang (that include Juels Santana, Jim Jones etc.) to not come to the Uk, I forgot why they started beefin about doe..

But on another note thanks for the comment fam! Grime & Funky House Always !

Shevy1987 said...

ALL the ways!! ive like tried to find the recent funky house downloads, but its like hard. even limewire dnt have them...i have to go through forums and sign up to em to get em..its hard gettin updated when your in Brum...all ma landun cuzuns get it before me.


peace out