#Y-Day @ Wood Green / Leading to the discovery of the Stick Up Skank

Yeah Yeah whats good everyone, Just thought i'd share what I got up to while i was up in Wood Green Y-day. Honestly doe even though i'm from North London, I'm not too bait in Wood Green (You mite evn noe me, but i'm jus tryn not to be bait ATM loool) even doe i noe sum guys der from school. But still, then again it was pretty live yesterday coz we were at the shoppin center. But after that we started movin towards ma bredins drum somewhere behind the bait shoppin centre.

But while we started moving I hear ma bredins wife phone go off (Her phone was jus out of this world LOUDDD loool), Next thing I see her, her bredrin and some other guy (dat was with us) instantly switch into some skankin-bot's doin some next shooting sighns at the same time, truss me it was sikk, but den when the caller gave up and ended the call she jus pulled out the tune again, truss me the way they arranged it was sikk !.

The song created by Dotstar - The Stick Up Skank , is another new Funky House which might be in the league of Head, Shoulders... watch the arrangement in this video which also look kinda sikk, hopefully i can pull it off before it gets old :)