#WOW: Tinchy Stryder's Number 1 Reaches... Number 1!

Yessss!, it looks like the current grime heads are actually making a mark on the UK Charts, congratulations to Tinchy Stryder and Dappy (also featured in the song) who have finally reached number 1!. They have beaten artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga & Eminem to the top spot. Hopefully this will increase the recognision of UK music and probably make Tinchy Stryder return to making some good ol' Grime music (as the track Number One, isn't exactly grime). 

But to be honest, even thought Tinchy Stryder & Dappy are known in the music industry, I'm still not to keen on their track 'Number One', I'm not saying its bad, but I think Tinchy & Dappy could have made a much better tune, if it was a grime based tune, or something other than a mainstream genre. But, I think because of the antisipation of reaching number one, and Tinchy Stryders previous success with 'Take Me Back' (which features Taio Cruz), It may have made Tinchy want the top spot so badly, that he had changed to the Mainstream music. Still I don't blame him, reaching the top is hard enough, but as long as he does the couple grime tracks, then he'll still keep his fans !