#Blood, Sweat & Takeaway's | Olu Vs. Manos

OMDZZ if any of you watched Blood, Sweat & Takeaways on BBC Three when it started like last week, and decided to carry on watching til the end, then you lot will know what i'm postin looool. Blood, Sweat & Takeaways is a show basically about 6 young British people checking out how people in South East Asia work, to satisfy our Takeaway needs. 

But in one particualar scene which i'm about to show, is a scene that actually made me wanna watch the rest of the series. Basically a guy called Olu clocked that Manos was cheating in a challenge which then escalated where Olu (a hench, calm nijaman from Tottenham) and Manos (some little wasteman ), have a heated discution that leads Olu pushing wasteman Manos onto a glass panel ultimatley breaking the glass!

That Tempa T music came just on time at the end looool


Anonymous said...

The asian guy got parred!!!!!