#Chipmunk + Ironik go Straight to No.3 | + Ironiks Secrets (Must see for fans)

Jheeeze, looks like the UK music industries improving, with the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Dappy, Chipmunk Ironik all at the Top 3 Category of the Charts; it is clearly a very good look for UK artists. In addition to Chipmunks resent deal with Sony, shows that alot is happenin!

But... for all you Ironik fans, it might come to your disappointment that he is not the certified badman that he turns out to be (well, I don't think he acts that much of a badman, but News of the World, have made it look like he is). 

With a large page dedicated to just hatin Ironik, talking about him being a soft, well spoken North-Londoner, who is constantly duckin his mumzie whenever he feels that she'd catch him with his girl, and not knowing that he is a rap artist, Firstly I think is a lie (how can your mum not know that your a rapper kmt...)

In addition to this, News of the World had interviewed 6ft tall girlfriend Faye Louis, to 'bare-all'. 

I think with his current music success, News of the World are just trying to target him, and probably just picked up any woman claimin to be his wife, just reading a script, still, I don't rate Ironik, but I don't hate him either, his musics all for the girls, but his success is suttin big init, but why try and ruin his career ? ?


BirminghamKing said...

ironik is a baddaman he would'nt doit. News of the world are swagg.