#June 1 - The Battle of the Albums

On June 1, Bashy, Wiley & Skepta will all be releasing their albums on the same day, but who do you think will prosper

If your a real grime fan, you should acknoledge that these artists are big and have all had a part to play in the current grime scene. And now that these albums are just a week away from being released who do you think will win with the sales

In my opinion, I think that the artists here have their own style and have different fans reaching other parts of the world, some may go for the artists ability to spit, or just the abiltity to combine words (that may mean nothing) with instruments, as to why I really don't know who will win. 

Vote on the Poll below and add your thoughts too..


Anonymous said...

Yo I heard Bashys album and its weakkkk

BirminghamKing said...

Heard it to fam, and its shit. don't buy it

Anonymous said...

Bashy's sik blud dont diss him. Bless

Anonymous said...

Wiley's way in the leeed =]