#Kano - People Dead

Whats good people? Sorz for not posting anything y-day, It was my B-Day and I had some mad party at some expensive chinesse resturant up North-West London, I asked 20 people to come at the first venue, (and like typical black people loool) about 40 people were waiting outside just rampaging outside the place. But at the shubz afterwards at my manz yard (Safe Jamal!), It was just 6ft speakers in a 4 Bedroom luxury yard, and I can't really explain but it was madness, I feel sorry for who ever owns that house though, after how everyone left it loool. Still sorz for any inconvinience, heres Kano's newest Dubstep hit - 'People Dead'


Tion said...

Kano on Chase and Status beat, sounds good. Oh and happy b-day bro (no homo)