#SDotNorthLDNReppin to GrimeDailyExtra

Whats good people?, You see my Youtube channel - SDotNorthLDNReppin, It seems that Ive needed to move Youtube channel and create GrimeDailyExtra!. Its the same principal New Grime New Funky House. Its just in a Different Name, so make sure you check out Youtube.com/GrimeDailyExtra. But don't watch nuffink about the blog, the blog is here to stay! but the source of my videos will be different and will include the GrimeDaily and Grimecall logos alongside the video, trust me this collaboration is big!

But if your wondering what will happen to my other channel, It will be converted to a promotional channel, so instead of getting 10's of e-mails daily of people asking 'Can you put this video of me spittin fire at some next studio' on my Youtube Channel, Im gonna organise something so that everyone gets to post their music, but I will hold something that will randomly select the person and song onto the channel weekly, but It wil take sometime to set up. But anyways thats enough from me just keep enjoying the site as usual!