XBox 360 - Project Natal

OOOOOh Myyyy, Xbox have just unvieled their future project for the XBox 360 called 'Project Natal'. It's basically a black box that sits on top of your TV, and with it you can play games with NO controllers, full voice recognision and it is able to recognise and scan your face and body so that it can be used to be inside the game. 

I think if the whole product is succesful and works with a large range of games, the Wii will die loool. I've got a WiiBold& a PS3, but if this ting comes out, I'm a have to cop the 360 aswell, No Controller, jheeeees!

Check out the video and then say your not impressed :D


GrimeSpace said...

Yeh i saw this.. Nintendo got boied lol, they must be screwing. "Dam Microsoft and their f'n good ideas, kmt!".. lol.

Send me your gamertag if you get 360.

SDotNorthLdnReppin said...

Alright den

But I feel like coppin one like right now loool

Anonymous said...


GrimeSpace said...

Well yea if you can afford to, i recommend it. I just got mine a few weeks ago and i love it! Thats why i haven't been uploading much on youtube lately.. Between Xbox 360 and coursework, i havent had time too much time to listen to radio lol.

Also 360 is getting a sky player, so you can watch sky tv on your 360.. All im saying is its a wrap for certain people lol, Nintendo need to step their game up, fast!

SDotNorthLdnReppin said...

I juss hear people hatin 360 and likin PS3's more init

But 360 with that Natal thing juss looks ard. Ill proply get one from ma bredrin for a bill init.

GrimeSpace said...

I got mine off a friend for £70 + 5 games lol. And thats wierd, coz everyone i know is always hating on PS3 and biggin up 360. I reckon most people just cant afford to buy both so they diss the console they don't have lol.

But yea i reckon you should cop it, 2009 is gonna be a good year for 360 owners apparently. Don't miss out.

SDotNorthLdnReppin said...

£70 for a 360 Jheeez

I need to find this guy lool