#Princess Nyah - Big Boy

From the lady that brought you 'Frontline', Princess Nyah gives us this this Funky House tune entitled 'Big Boy'. Haven't herd nothing from her in a while still, after she done Frontline, but this ones a good listen still.

However the beat is still a bit.. a tiny bit repetitive, but if your a true skanker, fan of Funky House then you'd agree that however repetitive, Funky House still sounds Ard!. The base on this tune is just right as well

Turn up you Speakers!!!!


Anonymous said...

How do you download this it doesn't let me????

SDotNorthLdnReppin said...

I can't put certain tracks on download, otherwise they'd delete my posts init

Ill send it to you through e-mail


Anonymous said...

Thanks i've added your e-mail