#Wiley Cut Ties With N-Dubz

Wiley has turned on fellow grime act N-Dubz - weeks after collaborating with the band.

It has not been decided whether Na, Na, Na will be released as a single or if it will feature solely as a track on the N-Dubz album, due out in November. Whatever the decision, it's clear Wiley wants nothing more to do with the former chart-toppers - labelling them as competition.

He said: "Everyone only cares about themselves. I don't care about them and I don't want to talk about the single.


Anonymous said...

It's called PUBLICITY
Wiley is a cunt though

BirminghamKing said...


Anonymous said...

What is this guy doin'! Hes linking N-DUBZ like and just cussess them man out smh

Anonymous said...

loool n-dubz are way bigger than wiley!
he's lose some fans coz of this