Scorcher Ft. Terminator - Spartan Gang

With Rude Kid on the production, this hard track of Scorcher and Terminator is just overly hard! The beat is just set at the grime tempo, with the upbeat rhythm and flow from Mr. Skywalker himself, just presented the song well.

Don't know if its featured on his album 'Concrete Jungle' but boi, if this is then, it will be an album to look out for. Concrete Jungle out November 9


Anonymous said...

Ent this a rude kid beat ;) ?

Anonymous said...

yeaaah man, when it was played on logan sama's show, he said it was a rude kid production, not silencer.

SDotNorthLdnReppin said...

Oh Yeh!

Thanks to the annonymous guys!

Sorz About that People, I was kinda tired postin this, and missed the 'Are You Ready' loool