Scorcher Ft. Terminator - We Don't Care

Another new track from Scorcher and Terminator. Not gonna lie, I am not feeling this Terminator guy, not hating but his flow is just to slow-motion that it don't go with the beat, still Just might need to grow on me. This version is the only one you will hear with no DJ until a newer version comes along!

So another track of Scorchers highly anticipated album 'Concrete Jungle' out November 9. Here is 'We Don't Care'


Anonymous said...


BirminghamKing said...

Manz sik fam What U Saying??

ImThatGuy89 said...

Both Sick. stop the hype enit.

Anonymous said...

have u only jus started listenin t grime?? terminator been sick for time...this is a big track