An Audience with Tinchy Stryder

Whats Good People? Reached a venue of Tinchy Stryders gig last night which as he said was held 'to personally meet his fans'. The was an inspiration and a rare chance to actually see someone that has established himself as an artist and to see him actually return to East London and actually give something back for free to the lucky 50-80 people that had won Tickets to his concert/signing/interview.

At first me and ma bredrin 'Don't worry I ain't baitin you out :D' turned up kinda late coz of the damm drunk Arsenal supportes going mad, so it was a kinda long to get their from Finsbury Park, but still once we entered through the dark alleys somewhere in Shoredich we were lucky enough to here some loud Funky House music and were trailed there with the sounds of Kyla 'Do You Mind' which I have to admit, I was bopping my head to a bit, any way twotwoz and were their, and Inside were introduced to this nice 'NikeTown' lookin store and then just spotting Barry from Tim&Barry just taking pics and spotting 'Fudaguy' from Ruff Squad not to far from the distance.

So we take a turn and were in this dark room, so my bredin she started askin 'Where is he, Where is he den!!' as soon as we appear, but I knew celebrities were gonna take their time so I just jammed in the corner with their nice refreshments, little realising DJ Target was on the decks, he was banging out some ard tunes Wiley's 'Take That' (Which i was humming all the way home) and Princess Nyah 'Frontline' which were the most recognisable by the Dead crowd, yeh I said it lool.

Any way we hear Tinchy's ready and appears, Im not gonna lie, the guy is short, so when he appeared on stage there was cheering, but a bit of a 'Ahhhhh', and after he sits and answers Q&A from the crowd, answering questions with answers like: 'I do have a girlfriend', 'I tend to throw away my Star In The Hood T-shirts that Ive worn once' and 'Who's La Roux?' lol he was a funny guy and he wern't stuck up, as so you would expect a man on his fame and calibar, so people were warming to him, so after the 20 - 30min chat, he does a signing, after that everyone is back and his ready to perform, and when he appears on the small stage (trust me that place was not big!) and I thought, this is gonna flop, so when he started to perform 'Number 1' the girls were screamin but me and a couple man der were like 'Meh', he performs 'Never Leave' then the big base speakers get my head moving, but when theres a small pause (Due to DJ Spyro's Djing lool) he whips out 'Your Not Alone' that was his peak, thats when the sound was sick, and even the dead crowd were moving and Tincy was like a couple yards away from us, what more could you want.

And for not being much of a Tinchy Stryder fan (rating his old tunes e.g. 'Breakaway' and 'Something About') , but lucky enough to win tickets I thought it was a good night out even if you didn't like him, people tryin a act hard tried not look to interested but at the end started dancing like little girls loool, but any way respect to Tinchy Stryder for doing this and the other known artists such as Master Shortie and the Ruff Squad camp (well some of them). Look on the below of some video clips, sorz about the quality, I knew I shoulda brought a camera lool:


xXShannaXx said...

Buh no chance or ticker smh
and it loooked goood
xx SHANNA xx

Anonymous said...

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool mans small fammm lmafoo!! good read tho !

H said...

gd read styl

becky muller said...

LUVV HiiM!!!!!! I SHULDOV A WENT THEiiR:(( !!!XxXxXxXxXx

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