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Alright then people, Ima have to let you go for under Three weeks as I'm on holiday, but don't worry Grimecall will be up and running till I come back from holiday (everyone needs a break :D).

So just before I go, I wern't gonna leave you lot hanging, so I teamed up with HUGE South London producer DaVinChe to answer a couple a couple questions, there's also and updated date for his new album entitled 'Open Minded'. I'm out people, keep checking the site, but the updates until January :D Happy Christmas & Happy New Year till I get back!

GC: How did you get the name ‘Davinche’?

DVC: I was looking for a name, and wanted one that said something about my character. Music is my release, my art form, so I wanted to be named after an artist. Da Vinci fit the criteria the best!

GC: What first got you into Producing?

DVC: Friends of mine and I were in a group at school. 2 of us sang, 2 of them rapped. We needed beats, so I set about trying to make some!

GC: You don’t need to be specific, but what Software do you use for producing?

DVC: My production is done mostly on the computer. A program on the computer called LOGIC. It's the producers equivalent of Microsoft Word!

GC: Who are you currently listening to (In the Grime scene)?

DVC: I love the stuff Wretch and Scorcher are doing at the moment. Chipmunk's album too. Really pushing the boundaries of our music. I’m a big fan of anyone who pushes boundaries. Its through this that we all grow and progress as a scene.

GC: Who are you currently listening to (Out of the Grime scene)

Eric Roberson album. Drake mixtape. Dondria's mixtape. Random things!

GC: Now that you have established your self as one of the greatest UK/Grime producers, would you go mainstream?

DVC: Yeah! I have nothing against mainstream. And in my going mainstream, I can fly the flag for our scene in another territory, effectively spreading the word of our culture in a positive way. I’m ON DIS MAINSTREAM TING! loll

GC: What/Who Influences your beats?

DVC: Life, and the artists I’m working with. I make what I feel, and I make for the artist what I feel will best represent what they do.

GC: Who are your top 3 producers (or top few) and why?

DVC: Teddy Riley, Wiley, Timbaland, Jammer, Rodney Jerkins (Darkchild), really feeling Fraser T Smith at the moment. And a few more. I like producers who change the way the rest of their scene make music for a little while. They have such an impact on the scene they produce for, the whole scene start producing in their style. Wiley with Eski, Jammer with The Darkness, (together which made early grime) Teddy with swing, Timbaland with the BOUNCE, etc.

GC: Do you speak any other languages?

DVC: Nerd. Geek. Technobabble. Do these count?! hahah. But nah, I don't. I'd love to though!

GC: Who would you like to work with in the future?

DVC: I’m about bringing different elements into the equation. So maybe using a track that I make which is heavily influenced in with grime, and then make a song with someone who SO isn’t. Somebody totally random. Like Coldplay for instance. There are a lot of grime artists I’m yet to work with too. Like Griminal.

GC: Have you ever vocally covered your beats?

DVC: Yes, I sing on them from time to time. Not ready to release anything yet though!!!

GC: Whens your new single out?

DVC: Hero is available from December 13th from all digital outlets.

GC: How long on average does it take for you to produce your instrumentals?

DVC: The length of time really varies. Depends on how intricate the music is, or the mood I'm in. But on average, maybe 3/4 hours. But after I've recorded vocals, I'll go and spend another 3/4 hours, maybe longer REALLY adding finishing touches. This is called post-production.

GC: Would you ever change the genre and the way you produce tracks in the future?

DVC: Yes. A limited producer will run out of ideas. I'll never limit what I could potentially make. The music I already make, I feel, walks very close to the border of a FEW genre's. RnB / Grime / Hip Hop /

GC: Any tips for any artists/producers trying to make it in the UK music scene?

DVC: This is always a hard one for me, but my main tip is to just really take the time to make sure your music or artistry speaks for itself. If you are really really good at what it is you do, the right team of people will make it their business to see that you become successful. I also think that its important that you remain good to people. Good energy is the way forward. TRUSS MEE!

|| Thanks a lot for your time Davinche. Make sure you buy DaVinChe's new single ‘Hero’ released on 13th December and support the album Open Minded’ due for release in May 2010




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