Advert/Event - Giggs + Professor Green Gig

OK lady's and gentlement, There will be a new Gig taking place at Madame Jojo's tommorow, with these huge London Artists blowing, headlining the event.

It will also include 'My Toys Like Me' and it looks like a sick event! Tickets start at £10 on the door or if your quick £8 in advanced. The location of this event is at:

Madame Jojo's
8-10 Breer Street

Any Questions please call 0207 734 3040


'Unfinished London' said...


Your blog is fresh man. At the moment i am setting up a blog for 'Unfinished London'. We are a creative media company- we interview artists, produce beats,mess about on photoshop and are currently raising funds to film a B movie horror action film.

Please pass through

and tell us what you think.... constructive criticism please.... and become a follower please .... Big things to come

Peace & Joy

Team 'Unfinished London'