Skepta - Oynama Sikidim (Video)

Skepta releases this Grime meets Turkish music tune called 'Oynama Sikidim', I don't know what sound he is trying to accomplish here, but do you think its the right one? Leave your comments!


Anonymous said...



>m said...


dikkheadd went on bwt he aint goin commercial then he came out wiv rescue me

Anonymous said...

u lot r fukin stupid man he isnt over becuz people buy hiz records + only commercial shit sellz nowadayz so let him get dat ££££ watz it 2 u tho realllllllllly he sed hez gonna make commercial azwel az hiz otha shit so let him carry on! if u like u like if not jog onnnnnnnnnn

>m said...

ayte ayte
buh hiz lyke grime all day yhyh 'im never gonna go commerical' now hiz tryna become a flippin sell out.
he waz lyke i dont need to go commercial to me £££ now look at him, wers hiz words gone now.
i cant believe this actually thought he waz top in the grime scene (lyrically)

Tom said...

^^^ Alie Your right, thats all he was gassin' bout kmrt!!